Expertise /Technologies:

Our focus Areas include:
1) Power Electronics

  • a) Intelligent Power Supply SMPS
  • b) HF and LF Inverterss
  • c) BLDC Motor control
  • d) LED Drivers
  • e) Battery Chargers
  • f) DC Drives
  • g) AC drives
  • h) Solar Chargers / Inverters

2) Control and Metering

  • a) Digital Panel Meters
  • b) Multi Function meters
  • c) Energy Meters
  • d) Power Factor controller / meters
  • e) Protective and control relays

3) System Control Equipment

  • a) Digital Servo Voltage stabilizer Controller
  • b) Battery Charger controller
  • c) Auto Mains Failure Controller

4) IoT , and embedded platforms like Raspberry Pi , Arduino, embedded , cloud , data acquisition and SCADA systems.
5) ISM Band digital radio communications
6) Audio recording and playback solutions using AMR and ISD with uC
7) X-10 Based power line communication and Home AutomationWe have experience and