Control Transformer

Application Specific Transformers

We make transformers as per specific requirements and some of the standard applications are:
• Auto Transformers for auto transformer starter,
• High voltage transformers,
• Inverter Transformers,
• Battery Charger Transformers,
• High current transformers for load testing,
• Potential Transformers for metering and instruments
• Lighting transformer,
• Pulse transformers for power electronics

Quality & Standard:

Power Control Transformers are made as per IS 12021: 1987
Ordering information:
A) Input supply Voltage, Tappings required


Product description


Control Transformers are used in switchgear and control gear to supply power to control or auxiliary equipment not intended for direct connection to the main circuit. These transformers are specifically designed to provide the control supply voltage for the control circuits of AC motor starters, i.e. Starter coils, timers, indicating lamps electronics protection relays, etc.
Control Transformers for contractor applications have to Energize the coil and Maintain contact for a definite period. The initial energizing of the coil takes 5 to 40 mil seconds and requires 3 to 10 times the normal current. While calculating the VA rating of the Control transformer, this factor should be taken into account.
BPS control transformers are available for single phase, two winding, with tapping of +/- 5% in the input primary side and no tapings on the secondary unless specially ordered.


Control Transformers are two-winding transformers with both windings made of copper. Insulating materials used are class E unless otherwise specified. Power House transformers are made of using high-quality materials.
Electrolytic grade super enamel wire with the best insulations is used. Core materials are CRGO EI or Strip cores.
Experienced hands with the best machines for winding ensure the best results with minimum size. Appropriate classes of insulation materials are used. Transformers are impregnated in insulating varnish for long-lasting performance. Input and out are terminated on the Bakelite board with the proper size of terminals.

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