Information Display System


• Control Multiple screens over IP
• Fully IP-based system with support for ipv6
• Display Text Images and Video
• Day date calendar built-in
• Auto display according to Day date and time
• Fully flexible screen controller
• Customized scroller at the bottom for news/ advert.
• Admin user two-level authentication system
• level 1 for change of data
• level 2 for change of sequence or setup
• Browser-based easy data entry
• Text Font size and Color selectable


Product description

The system provides the administration unique solution to control multiple displays over a TCP/IP network.
The system is connected via a small IP box with HDMI output for the screen. This system is capable of displaying various information of a hospital such as doctor`s visiting times on various days and various departments or any news or announcements etc.


This system can be used for many information display scenarios like:
                                                • Hospital Rate Chart
                                                • Hospital OPD Doctor timing
                                                • Hospital Waiting area OT
                                                • Diagnosis center
                                                • Airport Information
                                                • Restaurants and Shop Price
                                                • Railway Information
                                                • Hotel room pictures etc.

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