We participated Madicall Expo Kolkata on 8,9,10 December

Kolkata, the bustling cultural and intellectual hub of India, witnessed an extraordinary event as the Medicall Exhibition kicked off on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of December drawing an unprecedented number of healthcare professionals, medical technology firms, and volunteers from across the globe.

The Medicall – India’s largest & no.1 Healthcare event and hospital needs Exhibition, organized by a coalition of international health organizations and local NGOs, aims to address the growing healthcare needs in underprivileged areas of Kolkata and surrounding regions. The event, which spans over five days, includes medical camps, workshops, and showcasing the latest medical technology advancements.

Our BPS team recently had the profound opportunity to participate in the Medicall Event, a significant event held in Kolkata, dedicated to enhancing healthcare accessibility and knowledge sharing. This unique experience not only allowed us to contribute to a noble cause but also enriched us with invaluable insights and connections in the world of healthcare.

As we geared up for the exhibition, our focus was on how we could best serve the diverse needs of the Kolkata community. We assembled a team of skilled healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and support staff, each bringing their expertise and enthusiasm to the table. We also partnered with local organizations to understand the specific healthcare challenges faced by the community.

We are grateful for some esteemed delegates Visited our Exhibition at BISWA BANGLA MELA PRANGAN(HALL A).