BPS Make fastest finger first indicator determines as to which of the contestants first pressed the button and locks out the remaining entries of other members.
FFFI is designed around a microcontroller which forms the control unit of the device. The microcontroller scans and finds the first person who pressed the switch and indicates the same.
Simultaneously, an audio alarm(buzzer) and the correct decimal number display of the corresponding contestant are activated.


Product description

Are you planning to add more fun to your Quiz-type game shows?

have the complete solution. BPS Make Fastest Finger First Indicators (FFFIs) are used to test the contestant’s reaction time. In such types of games, it is difficult for the show administration to find the contestant who pressed the switch first. The player’s designated number is displayed with an audio alarm when the player presses his entry number.


Digital Display Board-It is a seven-segment display screen of (__X__)with a microcontroller that displays the number that has been fed by the contestants through a remote having two LED indicators Red(Power) and Green (Ready)
Remote- Each remote has Heavy Duty Mushroom Type push button which will be handled by the contestants in the show and has two LED indicators Red(Power) and Green (Ready).
Re-set Button- The re-set button is operated by the Quiz Admin.

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