I/P based Advanced Nurse Call Monitoring System


    – I/P based System


   – Wireless WiFi Based


    – Interactive
   – Touch Screen

For use in hospitals, residential homes for the elderly and senior citizens, care institutions, forensic clinics


Product description

Why Nurse Call System?

The healthcare industry is facing challenges now how to cope-up with ever-increasing patient numbers versus rising operational costs and tight budgets?
Governments are changing the regulatory framework of the healthcare industry, leading to a growth in consumer-driven healthcare where patients are viewed as customers.
Hospitals need to do more with less. They need to increase both efficiency and productivity. Human resources have to be utilized in a way that optimally balances costs to the provider and benefits to the patient.
Hospitals need to improve their service to patients for safety and quality of care for greater satisfaction. This can only achieved by the improvement of information flows at the right time and securely to reduce waiting and treatment times.

I/P based Advanced Nurse Call Monitoring System as per DIN VDE 0834

The intelligent Nurse Call Monitoring System is the result of the incorporation of many suggestions and feedback received from our clients of different series of NCMS introduced earlier.
This system is designed to meet the specification requirements of DIN VDE 0834. This is an advanced nurse call station, combining sophisticated communication systems, hardware, and software with simple and easily customizable features required for day to day operations of modern healthcare facilities.
It has its own supply inbuilt battery backup and transmission network, independently of third-party systems. It has its own control and monitoring devices. It is easy to use and made to suit the unique requirements of Indian Hospitals.

iNCMS R7w: is based on WiFi technology, All points are connected through WiFi based router.

iNCMS R8: is equipped with interactive touch controls at the nurse station with a bright color touch screen for easy identification of call type and acknowledge features.

Features and Highlights

  • IP based: Accessible from remote location, user configurable IP address, can be connected to existing LAN system, can also be connected to the cloud.
  • Dynamic and Configurable: Room No. and Bed No. user configurable with proper user ID and password, flexible to accommodate additional beds, rooms, toilets, etc.
  • Call and Reset History records: Realtime recording of call and attend times room/ward wise, nurse station wise.
  • MIS Reports and analytics: Hospital wide central data records can be viewed exported to excel analyzed and printed. Reports can be generated for the ward, room number, call type, call delay, etc. Pie charts can also be generated using the data for easy analysis.
  • Code blue facility: Hidden code blue button to ensure no misuse, indication at Nurse Station, Bedside call, Door display, audio acoustic alarm at Nurse Station.
  • Optional SMS facility: SMS can be sent to three preset numbers in case of emergency automatically (configurable bed-wise).
  • Automatic error detection technology: Any fault immediately detects and displays the status.
  • Automatic call priority identification: Normal call from bed, emergency call from Bathroom, code blue- generated by nursing staff, automatic transfer of non-attended call transfer to Emergency Calls.
  • Non-attendance alarm: Configurable time for regular attendance and alarm, auto transfer of normal to Emergency in case of nonattendance.
  • Standard installation modules: Bedside call unit, door display unit, emergency re-set unit, shower pull cord, toilet emergency unit- all mountable in standard 4 modules JB.
  • Four color corridor Indicator
  • Built-in UPS and low voltage operation: Nurse station server includes UPS in iNCMSR7/ R7v
  • WiFi Based wireless model: iNCMSR7w
  • Interactive touch controls at Nurse Station for easy call identification model iNCMSR8
Note: 1 = compatible, 0 = not compatible

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