Intelligent Queue Management System

BPS offers a wide range of Queue Management Systems for different applications. It is configurable to suit different types of
organizational activities and different scales of organizations, where the process of working, the offered services, and the type of operations are totally different.
To meet the problems, we have designed a range of Queue Management Systems that are suitable for Hospitals, Health Care Centers, Banks, and other service providers.


• Reduced manpower requirement & thus Save on operating costs.
• Effective time management for Doctors as an instant display of issue of the current token
• Ensures the smooth sequential flow of patients & thus transparent queuing
•Easy ticket printing, Flexible system to customize as required.
• Creates a good environment & enhances the goodwill of the hospital.


Product description

OPD’s in the hospital has several Reception counters & Number of Chambers for Doctor. Each chamber may be offered to different Doctors at different time slots. Patients willing to consult any doctor can book his / her appointment at any reception counter. Attendant at the reception counter inserts a particular Doctor’s chamber number & slot No. and commands for taking printouts.
Each reception counter is wired to a Master Controller which stores all information and allots token no on every new booking. The master controller also updates each chamber on the latest booking thus keeping doctors informed of waiting patients.
The doctor’s chamber has a display cum key unit. For call in the next patent, he presses one key, and the next token No. is displayed outside the chamber or in the common waiting area has the Central Display Unit.


Queue Management System Software-For organized OPD Experience

BPS offers a new software-based Queue Management System- OPDQSoft. It is a service toolkit for managing and continuously improving service delivery for a large number of patients at hospital OPDs.
The automated system tracks each customer’s movement from the initial point of entry to the final point of service delivery; giving managers can identify key events such as service time and wait time exceptions, peak traffic, queue lengths, best performing staff members, and many more statistics.
In addition, the OPDQSoft Reporting System and MIS reports provide top management with a real-time view of service performance as it happens from any business location.
Depending on No. of Chambers and daily flow of patients, No of reception counter is to be decided. Each counter will have one Reception Counter Terminal and one Printer.
Reception Counter Terminals (RCT) are table mounting types. They have heavy-duty keyboard with 12 Keys (10 keys for Numbers and two function keys). LCD display with 16 Char. 2 line display, Parallel port Output suitable for Dot-matrix / Thermal printer Format of the Token can be Customized incorporating the Name address, telephone number, and other details of the Hospital, Chamber No. and Slot No. of the doctor, Date of booking, Sl. No. of booking, etc.

COMPONENTS – functions and selection

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