Solid State Call Indicator

BPS Solid State Call Indicator is very useful for Offices, Chambers, Hotels, etc. where one or more attendant is supposed to attend a number of callers.
The system is designed with high reliability and dependability and can replace conventional electro-mechanical buzzers-switch indicator assembly.
In conventional electro-mechanical systems, the coil is designed for a short time operation. But if one keeps the switch pressed for a little longer or it remains short for a while, the coil gets burnt out with chances of fires.


Product description

The BPS Solid State Call Indication system does not have any coil. The call is sensed by an electronic circuitry that activates an LED to indicate the call station number.
Constant or repeated call signals do not affect its internal working. The call can be reset by a push on the indicator board. It has a soft tone buzzer which sounds for a pre-set duration on receipt of each call signal. Elegant in look these indicators match the sophistication and decor of the place.
As there are no Moving parts, and Coils, these are maintenance-free devices and totally safe from fire Hazards.
Installation and wiring is simple. These can just replace the conventional call indicators without any major changes in wiring.
Special models with Sealed Maintenance Free. batteries and built-in CC/CV chargers are available. Non-attendance Timer Digital Display, Single Reset, Remote Reset, and Battery Backup are also available. Elegant.

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