Lighting Controllers

Moving lights – Rhythm with your mood, Create the atmosphere of celebration.

• 300 W TO 5000 W PER CHANNEL
To celebrate any occasion you need lights to move in rhythm with your mood display your heartbeats, create the atmosphere of celebration and announce the occasion to synchronize the lights with your mood of celebrations you need Power House running lights


Product description

SERIES RLH: Control lights in sequential mode. Lights are ‘ON’ in a sequence giving a running effect. Since only one light channel is ‘ON’ at any given time, it also saves electrical consumption.
SERIES RLH-R: Incorporates all the features of series RLH and is provided with a selection switch for forward/reverse operation.
SERIES RDL: Controls the lights with music. The music signal is connected to the controller and the intensity of the lights is directly related to the music. Individual knobs are provided for the setting of each channel at the front panel. RDL with the 4th channel is for switching normal lights when the music system stops to avoid total darkness.
SERIES RMC: Control the lights with music. An audio signal is processed with 6 6-channel Spectrums Analyzer circuit and lights are related to a specific frequency band. This is a Professional grade controller and is fully automatic.
SERIES RAS: Micro controller-based controller has pre-programmed 24 actions & auto light dimmer program. This is 6 channel controller. Selector switches are provided to select between action and auto dimmer mode and in action mode auto changing or fixed action to be replayed. Available for single-phase and three-phase input connection.
Series RDM: professional grade dimmers with slide knob from 1 channel to 4 channel. These are manually controlled dimmers. 6 Channel dimmer has a master controller and action switch which can control the lights in different modes.
Series PSLC: Professional grade stage light controller with 8 Channel Slide dimmers, touch pads, Music control option, and manual control for 8 Channel direct switches. Available for single-phase and three-phase input connections.
Series RFC: Professionals grade Musical fountain controller. An audio signal is processed with a 6-channel Spectrums analyzer circuit. Output is divided into two groups. One for Lights with triak output and the other with Electro-mechanical relay for operating solenoid valves. 6 channels of lights and 6 channels for solenoid can be connected. One extra channel for the Drain Valve is provided. Since the pump in the fountain system remains on even if there is no audio signal and hence all valves are off, it operates and drains out the water to keep the pressure level at a safe level.
SERIES RPL: It is a very compact chaser suitable for direct 3-pin plug connection, economical and attractive – it is sequential switching.


1. Select no. of channels your lighting arrangement is.
2. Select the basic mode of control.
3. Calculate the total load in each channel – provide approx. 20% extra capacity for load variation due to mains fluctuations, leakage & actual consumption of load Vs claims by light makes, etc.

Our Model No

The initial 3 letters denote the basic mode you have selected i.e. RLH for sequence runs, RDL for music controller, etc.
The next 2 digits are for load i.e. 1000W is denoted by 10, or 2500W by 25.
The 3rd digit for a number of channels i.e. for 3 channels -3,4 channel -4.

Load per Channel
1000 W 2500 W 5000 W
RLH Sequential switching of lights.
3 RLH 103 RLH 253 RLH 503
4 RLH 104 RLH 254 RLH 504
6 RLH 106 RLH 256 RLH 506
RLH-R Sequential switching of lights.
4 RLH 104R RLH 254R RLH 504R
6 RLH 106R RLH 256R RLH 506R
RDL Light intensity controlled with music signal- manual setting 4th channel- no output when music is on. Full glow on music off 3 RDL 103 RDL 253 RDL 503
4 RDL 104 RDL 254 RDL 504
RMC Light is controlled with a Music signal –
automatic- spectrum analysis
6 RMC 106 RMC 256 RMC 506
RAS Programmed 24 actions & auto-dimming
with selector switch
6 RAS 106 RAS 256 RAS 506
PDM Electronics Dimmer with slide knob for
stage light control Electronics Dimmer
with slide knob & Multi action
sequencer- Mode selection by switch
2500 W 6000 Watt Per Ch.
1 PDM 251 PDM 601
2 PDM 252 PDM 602
3 PDM 253 PDM 603
4 PDM 254 PDM 604
6 1 Ph. Input 3 Ph. input option
2500 W 6000 W
PDM 256 PDMT 606
PSLC Professional grade stage light controller
with Slide dimmers, touch pads, Music
control, multi-action – independent
Manual channels
1 Ph. Input 3 Ph. input option
8 2500 W 5000 W
+ PSLC 2588 PSLCT 5088
RFC Professional grade Musical fountain
controller with – Spectrum analysis
separate Output for lights and solonide
provision for Drain out solonide
6 Lights 2500 W Per Chanel
+ 6 Relay output for solonide
+1 Relay Output for Drainout
RPL Sequential switching of lights. Compact
chaser suitable for direct plugin
3 RPL 33 300 W per channel
4 RPL 34

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