AC Line Reactor

Features :

* Gapped iron core inductor designed for optimum performance while providing harmonics compensation.
* Precision wound copper coils for maximum protection from short-circuiting.
* Heavy-duty terminal block.
* Amps rating 2 to 100 Amps.
* Can be used with 240, 415, and 550 Volt Systems.


* Protection of motors from damaging voltage drop.
* Reduction of the motor current surge and power line spike current.
* Improvement in true power factor capacitor input drives.
* Cooler, quicker operation.
* Elimination of nuisance tripping of drives or circuit breakers.
* Reduction of harmonic distortion.
* Longer life of Motor and solid-state components


Product description


Protect your sensitive equipment from harmful line disturbances with Power House AC line Reactors. AC Line Reactors help prevent equipment failure and downtime and can add years to the life of your equipment.
Designed to protect DC motor drives, AC Variable frequency drives, and the motors they power. AC line reactors allow line and load power quality protection for a wide range of applications.


Input to Inverter/ drive
AC line Reactors protect your sensitive equipment from noise
generated by the drive or inverter. They protect the controller
from power surges, spikes, and harmonic distortion.
Output of Inverter/ drive
Motors run cooler and quieter with an AC Line Reactor placed between the inverter and motor. This application also reduces dv/dt and protects the controller from short circuits and surges.
Multiple controllers on a Single Power Line
Each drive or inverter on a single power line requires its own AC Line Reactor in order to provide adequate surge protection, prevent crosstalk and reduce harmonic distortion.
Multiple Motors Controlled by a Single Drive
Multiple motors controlled by a single drive require only one AC Line reactor between the controller and motors.

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