BPS brings 20 years of expertise in Battery Charger development. They have introduced SMPS Technology, which outperforms SCR Controlled Technology. SMPS offers advantages like redundancy, modular construction, high efficiency, and low input line current harmonics. Additionally, it boasts a high input line power factor. BPS stands out in the market with over 10,000 modules operating successfully in Indian conditions. The monitoring and control module ensures continuous monitoring of input supply, battery path DC voltage, and current. It provides commands to all parallel modules, transforming it into a high-frequency battery charger. The monitoring and control module offers various functionalities.

  • Automatic Float/Boost Changeover Constant.
  • Current/Constant Voltage Charging of Battery.
  • Output voltage settings for VRLA/Lead Acid/Ni-cd Battery.
  • Temp compensation for VRLA Battery.
  • Battery Health Monitoring.
  • Dropper Diode Selection.
  • Lightning and surge protection at the rack level.

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Product description

The 48V – 100A SMPS-based Battery Charger is powerful and efficient. It makes use of switch-mode power supply (SMPS) technology to achieve exact charging currents of up to 100 amps. For best performance, the charger supports both constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) charging modes. Its modular architecture makes modification and scalability simple. With features like over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection, the charger provides safety. It is an excellent choice for a variety of applications and renewable energy systems because of its high efficiency and clever charging algorithms.


Input Voltage Range : 230V +/-10%, 1 Phase AC
Audible Noise : <60 db
Output Voltage : 24V nominal, 40V max under Boost
Output Current : 24V/100A max (However, they are paralleled in N+1)
Ambient : -10°C to +70°C Max upto 1000 meter above MSL
Input line PF : >0.8 Lag
Efficiency : > 85%

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