SMPS Battery Charger BCS1210SR5


Switching Mode Control-based Design
Charges batteries with CC/ CV mode.
Over Voltage & Over Current Protection.
User Friendly Operation.
Input Surge current limiting.
Low Ripple & Noise.
Over Temperature Shutdown.
LED indication for
Mains(Green), Float(Green), Boost (Yellow), and Battery Rev. (Red).
Potential free contact for fault indication. Compact, detachable connector and panel mountable

Charger technology SMPS-Based
Input Voltage Range 160 to 270 Volt AC 1 Phase 50 Hz.
Compatibility with
battery type
Lead acid – Tubular & SMF-VRLA 7 AH to 120 AH
Battery Voltage 12 Volts
Charging Cut-off 14.5 volt +/-0.2 volt
Charger Current. 10 Ampere per station
Current set pot to set charging current
Protections: Over Charging- Auto Float/ Boost selection
Battery Reverse Protection. (Start push)
Soft start.
Short Circuit Protection
Over Current Protection
Overvoltage cut-off protection
AC surge protection MOV
AC input fuse
Display-Three Digit Output voltage
(With auto Scrolling/
Charging Current
LED Indication Over Voltage, Over Load
Mains, Float, Boost, Battery Reverse
Efficiency (%) > / = 75%
Input cable
1.5 Meter 3 core cable with 3 Pin with 5 A
Moulded plug.
Charging Cable 1.5 Meter 2.5 mm Red & Black with clip
Dimensions 230 x 190 x 125 mm
Weight 1.8 Kg. (nett.) 2.1 Kg (gross)



Product description

Baid Power Services Pvt. Ltd. (BPS) makes different types of Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS Power Supply). BPS Make SMPS Battery Chargers- are made to suit different battery voltages and different capacity. These are compact, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for charging different types of batteries.

BPS Make SMPS Battery Charger with digital display – BCS1210SR5 is designed for charging 12 Volt battery with 10 Amps. It is compact in size with a built-in digital display for Volt and Amp. It has a 3-pin 5 AMPS mains cord and alligator clips for battery charging. Input AC voltage range is 160-270 Volt AC. With the current limit potentiometer, it is suitable to charge various types of batteries from 7Ah to 120 Ah. A deep-discharged battery can be revived /charged by this charger.
It is a highly reliable very lightweight charger suitable for portable use and battery dealers/ Charging points/
Service stations/ Generators and automobile charging, etc.
It is most suitable for electrical panels with DC sources like AMF panels and for automotive batteries. For different applications and different voltage and current ratings, please mail your requirements.




AC Input : 160 to 270 Volt AC 1 Phase 50 Hz.
DC Output : 3 Phase 4 wire
-Float Mode : 13.5 V
-Boost Mode : 14.5 V
Charging current : 10 Amps (max.)
Withstand Voltage : I/P-O/P-3kV
Line Regulation  : +/- 2% on full load
Load Regulation : On main of +/- 2%
Working Temperature : 10~60 Deg C
Efficiency : >85% typical @ full rated load



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