Servo Controller – Digital

Technical Specifications:

Aux. : 85 – 280 V AC
Accuracy : Class 1 [+/- (1% of full scale +1count)]
Resolution : 1 count in 100 or better
Display : 3 Digit 7 seg. display
Triac(motor) : Max. 6 Amp.
Weight : 270 gms (approx)
Dimensions : 96 x 96 x 65 (D) mm
CT Ratio : 5 Amps. – 900 Amps.(programmable)
Panel Cutout : 92 x 92 mm
Trip relay : 5 Amp. potential free
Buzzer : 12 V DC (Optional potential free)
Burden : 0.5 VA max.
Mounting : Panel Mounting
Ambient : 0-50 º C humidity < 95%


Product description

Reduces assembly
& wiring time by 80%.
Reduce Inventory
no control cards, etc.
Tried-Tested & Accepted by
leading OEMS approved by DGS&D


• Wide Range of Aux Supply from 85-280V AC (with built-in SMPS).
• Standard cut out(92 x 92) with low depth-65 mm.
• Digital Multi-Parameter Meter with 3 digit 7 segment Bright displays for –
a) Input Voltage
b) Output Voltage
c) Output Current
• Alarm & Fault indication by LEDs for
a) Over Load
b) Over Voltage
c) Under Voltage
• User programmable parameters: Digitally programmable at the site with push buttons on the front panel.
a) Output voltage
b) Hysteresis- range- 0.5 to 5 V
c) Under Voltage cut out
d) Over Voltage cut out
e) Over Load cut out
f) Over Load latch/auto re-set with delay
g) Trip Delay Timer
h) On Delay Timer
i) CT Ratio selectable
j) Password protection
k) On delay time.
Motor drive- Triac based servo motor drive.
• Manual mode for field testing.
• Audio- Visual Alarm with Acknowledge / Silent
• Panel mount Ergonomic design with easy-to-operate keys
BPS Servo Controller -Digital is a total metering and control solution for servo stabilizers for a wide range of input voltage and wide range of load requirements. This reduces Designed with the latest micro-controller technology the servo controller integrates multi-parameter meters and servo AC synchronous motor controller driver.
production overheads like wiring and testing and increases the production rate of the voltage stabilizers.




• Single device for metering and control.
• No need for PCBs, Switches, Meters.
• Reduces assembly & wiring time by 80%.
• Reduces manufacturing cost by 70%.
• Password protection for securing mishandling by unauthorized persons.
• Generation NEXT look of the finished product.
• Enhances reliability.
• Same controller for any voltage or capacity range thus reduces inventory counts.
• Scrolling & Hold option for Display.
• Easy for servicing/replacing at the site.

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