Digital Universal Automatic Battery Charger


Digital Universal Automatic Battery Charger is a must for defense, transport depot etc. These chargers can charge almost any type of batteries. Volt selector switch facilitates selection of battery volt from 12 volt to 72 volt. It can charge battery by set Amps. This is useful features to boost charge deeply discharged battery. Input supply is taken from connector on Back side terminals. Out put is terminated on front panel. MCB for input and Output are provided on front panel. The system has heavy duty double wound transformer, Full wave bridge rectifier, over load control, Protection against Battery reverse connection. Temperature protection for over heating of rectifier is provided.


Product description

Technical Specifications:

Type of equipment : Digital Battery Charger
Input Voltage range : 170 – 270 V.
Supply : Single phase, 50 Hz. +/- 2 Hz.
Output Volts : 2 – 72 volts.(As per model selected)
: Fine voltage setting by knob
Output Current : 10-15-20-25 Amps max.(As per model selected)
: Fine Current setting by knob.
Battery Volt Select : Selection by Rotary Switch.
Regulation +/- 1 %
Instrumentation Digital Volt meter
Digital Amps meter
Switches System ON/ OFF
Volt selector switch
Opareting Temp. -10 to 55°
Indications : Mains ON
: Battery Reverse
: Over Load
: Over Temp.
MCBs : for Mains
Output terminals : Red & Black
Protection : Overload
: Over Temperature
: Battery Reverse
Audio Alarm : Overload, Over Temp. , Battery Rev.

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