Nurse Calling System – In today’s world, the assistance provided by nurses and doctors needs to be good quality, prompt, and accurate. For this, we require a smart and effective nurse calling system along with other medical facilities. BPS Nurse Call Systems for Hospitals increases better quality of service by ensuring a positive response from the Nurse station when called by a patient. This system provides efficient Management of the Nursing Station through the Supervisor Station along with reports for analysis.

Nurses call monitoring Systems and Queue Management Systems by team “BPS” is installed in all the leading hospitals in Eastern India. With over 15 years of feedback from actual working conditions in hospitals, continuous improvement in design, and innovation of technology we are presenting Series 640-The most advanced Nurses Call Monitoring System. The system is designed with utmost reliability, dependability, safety, and flexibility in mind. To ensure the practice is followed, the system must be reliable and must have built-in mechanisms to point out delays in action.
Nurses Call series 640 informs the nursing staff of the sequence of calls received thus minimizing any overdue call. The call register maintains a sequence in which calls from different beds are received. The first call pending is displayed with a Big 2” 7 segment display. 4 other calls are displayed in the sequence of receipts. If more than 5 calls are pending, the same can be scrolled down. Any call attended is automatically erased and the display is replaced with the next call pending.
If any call is pending beyond the set time, the number starts blinking. it also activates a buzzer to draw the attention of the nursing staff. If call remains pending even beyond 2nd limit, the rate of blinking is intensified to bring notice of the problem.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Mesh network allows bed calling unit to connect with other bed calling unit to transfer data at the server
  • Can work on existing LAN networks of hospitals
  • No extra wiring is required for Wireless system
  • Patients and Caretaker can be more satisfied by visualizing indicators
  • Low-cost system, Easy installation, no extra skills required
  • IoT-enable feature ensures that real-time and detailed reporting is available for analysis and improvements
  • Nurse Call Systems for Hospitals & Clinics

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