AMF Control Relay


Power House AMF relay: is a solid-state, compact electronics device developed to make AMF panels reliable, simple, and easy to operate. It has a built-in main voltage Sensor, incoming delay timer, starting attempt timer with ON delay and OFF delay, 3 Attempt and lock, DG voltage sensors, counters, logic control, etc. Incoming High Voltage supplies are isolated by opto-couplers and out put connections are through electrotechnical relays. The relay does not require any separate power supply. It works on DG set starting battery.


Product description

“Saves Panel Space Reduces fabrication cost, Dedicated system Reduces internal wiring Enhances system Reliability.”


Aux Supply : 12/24 V DC from DG starting batter
Mains : 3 Phase 4 wire
 A) Under Voltage 170 -200 V. (Adjustable)
 B) Single Phasing
DG : 1 Ph. 2 Wire
 A) Starting signal withdrawal at 75 V. (Fixed)
 B) Load Transfer 190 -210 (Adjustable) Mains Incoming Delay
Mains Incoming Delay : 30 – 60 Sec. (Adjustable)
Starting Signal A) On-Time 3-6 Sec (Adjustable)
B) Off Time 3-6 Sec (Adjustable)
C) 3 attempts and Lock
Ideal running : 30-60 Sec. (Adjustable)
Stop Solenoid Timer : 30-60 Sec. (Adjustable)
Interlocking Isolation A) Optical isolation for Mains Voltage
B) Optical isolation for DG Voltage
C) Electro-mechanical Relays for output
Contact Ratings : 5 Amps
Terminals : PCB Mounted for 2.5 Sq mm wire.
Indications A) Mains incoming voltage (each phase)
  B) Starting attempt ON time
  C) Set failed to start
  D) DG set low voltage
E) Load ON DG
F) Load ON Mains
G) Stop the Solenoid Timer ON
Enclosure : Heavy-duty Sheet Steel enclosure finished with Powder coated
Mounting : Panel (245 x 190 mm)

Automation of DG sets

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