Automatic Source Changeover with Current Limiter(ACCL)


  • Automation at no extra cost.
  • Generator power to all lighting points.
  • No separate wiring is required.
  • Assured availability of allotted current
  • Space Saving
  • Tamper proof & maintenance free
  • Safeguards Generator
  • Fully solid state
  • LED indication
  • Wide range of single & three phase models.


Product description

“-A Perfect Solution for Power Sharing”

The Automatic Load Changeover Relay (PLCR) is a precise system that efficiently distributes generator power in multi-storied apartments, commercial complexes, and other similar settings. The PLCR-DS series enables the connection of the main supply to the load until the main power is available. In the event of mains failure and the activation of the generator power, it seamlessly switches the load to the DG supply. The system continuously monitors the load drawn during DG operation and interrupts the supply if the load exceeds the allocated limit, periodically rechecking for load reduction and ensuring it stays within the limit before reconnecting the load to the DG supply. Our range includes specific models designed for various applications, offering options such as load limiters, phase transfer, and additional functions.

Technical Specification

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