• The BPS SMPS Battery Charger utilizes a switching mode control-based design for efficient battery charging in CC/CV mode.
  • It incorporates protective features such as over-voltage and current protection, over-temperature shutdown, and short-circuit protection.
  • User-friendly operation with LED indications for mains, float, boost, and battery reverse, along with a fault indication through a potential-free contact.
  • Compatible with lead-acid batteries (Tubular & SMF-VRLA) ranging from 7 AH to 150 AH.
  • Input voltage range of 160 to 270 Volt AC, 1 phase, and 50 Hz frequency.
  • Compact, detachable connector and panel-mountable design for convenience.
  • Low ripple and noise, with an efficiency equal to or greater than 75%.
  • Includes AC surge protection MOV and AC input fuse for added safety.
  • The display shows output voltage with auto-scrolling or hold function, as well as charging current.
  • Comes with a 1.5-meter 3-core cable with a 3-pin 15A molded plug for easy installation.
  • The charging cable provided is 1.5 meters long, with 4 mm red and black wires equipped with clips.
  • Dimensions of the charger are approximately 130 x 270 x 293 mm.
  • The charger weighs approximately 3.5 kg.

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Product description

Baid Power Services Pvt. Ltd. (BPS) is a company that manufactures SMPS BATTERY CHARGER (BCS2415SR5) (SMPS Power Supplies). These power supplies are intended for use with BPS SMPS Battery Chargers and are designed to support battery voltages and capacities. These chargers have some advantages, including ease, cost, and compactness, making them ideal for charging a variety of batteries.

The 24 Volt, 15 Amp BCS2415SR5 BPS Make SMPS Battery Charger with Digital Display is a standout. This charger is specially designed to charge batteries quickly. Despite its small size, it has an inbuilt digital display that displays amps and volts in real-time. It also has an alligator clip for easy battery charging and a 3-pin 5 amp main wire.

With an input alternating current voltage range of 160-270 volts, this charger can charge batteries ranging from 7Ah to 120Ah effectively thanks to its current limit regulator. Because of its great performance, it is a dependable and portable charger appropriate for a wide range of applications, including portable usage, battery dealers, charging stations, generators, and auto charging.

The BCS2415SR5 charger is also compatible with DC-powered power sources like AMF panels and automobile batteries. If you have special voltage and current rating needs for certain applications, please contact us through email.

In conclusion, the BCS2415SR5 BPS Make SMPS Battery Charger with Digital Display provides digital metering, a low-profile design, and great efficiency. Its outstanding qualities make it an excellent choice for efficient and dependable battery charging.


AC Input : 160 to 270 Volt AC 1 Phase 50 Hz.
DC Output : 24VDC
Float Mode : 13.5 V
Boost Mode : 14.5 V
Charging current : 15 Amps (max.)
Withstand Voltage : I/P-O/P-3kV
Line Regulation : +/- 2% on full load
Load Regulation : On main of +/- 2%
Working Temperature : 10~60 Deg C
Efficiency : >85% typical @ full rated load

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