DC Power Pack with Battery Back Up


The DC Power Pack with Battery Backup is a small, portable gadget that delivers dependable power and backup. It is intended for use in a variety of applications and has a built-in battery that saves energy for later use. This power pack is a dependable power source, providing a constant and uninterrupted supply of DC power. It provides versatility by supporting a wide range of devices that require DC power, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other electronic gadgets. Its battery backup function assures continuous power delivery even during power interruptions or when on the move. The DC Power Pack with Battery Backup is a useful and necessary tool for consumers and professionals who seek a portable and dependable power solution in the field.



Product description


The Power Pack is used to supply DC axillary supply to the Trip / Close coil of the Circuit breakers when AC input is not available. DC Power Pack with Battery Back Up is used as a power source for VCB panels in sub-stations where station battery supply is not available.


BPS Power Packs has three sections,
a) Regulated DC source:
During Mains on, SMPS type regulated terminates DC source to power aux. supply to the annunciator, indicting lamps, instruments,
b) DC-DC converter:
During the Mains Off condition, the DC-DC converter is activated which converts 12 V to 110/30/24 V as a backup supply.
c) Automatic battery charger:
During Mains On and when the battery needs charging, it charges the built-in 12 V SMF battery.

There are two sets of outputs of the DC Power Pack with Battery backup. One output is for stored energy and the other is for non-stored. Stored output can be used when the AC input is off. Non-stored output is available as long as AC input is present.

Technical Specifications:

Input : 230 V AC 1 Ph. / 110 V AC 3 Ph.
Input current : Less than 25 VA during charging
  (without output load)
Output-Mains On
: 110/30/24 V DC
: 100 W +/-2% Continues
: Impulse 450W(250mSec.)
Output-Mains Off
: 100 W +/-2% Continues
: impulse 450W (250mSec.)
Indicators : Mains On, Charger On,
  Over Load, Back-up On/ Off
   Battery On, Battery Under Volt
Protections : Battery Over Charging,
   Battery under Volt, Over Load





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