Servo Controlled Stabilizer (series BSS)-BPS

Introducing the Servo Controlled Stabilizer (series BSS) by BPS:

The Servo Controlled Stabilizer (series BSS) offered by BPS is a reliable solution designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment. By delivering precise voltage regulation, this stabilizer ensures optimal performance, extends the lifespan of equipment, and enhances overall effectiveness. It finds extensive applications in industries such as printing, photocopiers, CNC machines, office automation, medical equipment, and analytical instruments. Additionally, it is widely employed in businesses including EPABX systems, fax machines, healthcare facilities, ultrasound machines, textile mills, patient tracking systems, refractometers, blood analyzers, image processing, studios, textile knitting, and quality control processes. With its advanced servo control technology, the BSS series stabilizer from BPS provides a dependable and efficient solution for maintaining ideal voltage levels and safeguarding critical electronic equipment in diverse industries.


Input : 130-150-170 to 270 V AC
Output Volt : 230 V +/-1%
Output Capacity : 2,5,8,10 KVA
Buck/ Boost transform : Copper wound
Servo Motor : High Torque- 3, 10, 20 KG
Digital display : Input Volt, Output Volt, Output current,
Protections: : Under Volt, Over Volt, Overload, Short Circuit,
Digitally programmable : On delay timer, Trip delay timer
Indications : Mains On, Under Volt, Over Volt, Overload,
Alarm : Under Volt, Over Volt, Over Load
Cooling : Natural Air Cooled.
Housing : Sheet steel fabrication suitable for tabletop mounting finished
with Powder Coat paint.
Terminations: : Mains by 3 pin Mains cord and
Output by 3 pin socket.


Product description

Servo stabilizers protect delicate electronic equipment by providing precise voltage, extending longevity, and increasing effectiveness. Various industries such as printing, photocopier, CNC, office automation, medical, and analytical fields utilize them. They find applications in EPABX systems, fax machines, healthcare facilities, ultrasound machines, threading mills, patient tracking systems, refractometers, blood analyzers, picture processing, studios, textile knitting, and quality control processes. This demonstrates the wide range of applications where servo stabilizers actively maintain ideal voltage levels.

Here are the main points about the function of the BSSD series servo-controlled voltage stabilizer:

  • The BSSD series by BPS is designed as a servo-controlled voltage stabilizer for single-phase supply systems.
  • It consists of components such as a motorized variable transformer, Buck/Boost transformer, digital controllers, contractors, and related components.
  • The digital controller actively senses input and output voltages to regulate the variac motor, ensuring the desired output voltage.
  • The digital controller is equipped with microcontroller-based technology, enabling programmability to accommodate site-specific conditions.
  • It can detect overloading and automatically trips the output contact for protection.
  • The digital controllers are developed by the skilled team at BPS, ensuring reliable and precise voltage regulation.



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